How Feedback Analysis Platforms can Improve Product Quality by 20% in 30 Days

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Product quality is more important than ever. User retention, brand equity, and revenue are driven by the quality of products and experiences you deliver.

One of the top ways companies can consistently deliver great products is by automatically identifying actionable quality issues in user feedback and sharing those insights with product, engineering, and support teams. Automated product quality analysis can save you time and guide you to allocate resources to initiatives that improve product quality and drive growth.

Watch our VentureBeat + unitQ webinar to learn more from companies that have implemented automated user feedback platforms to drive significant improvements in product quality, the best way to integrate tools into your workflow, the best tools to use, and more.

In this video, you'll learn:

  • A broad overview of how product quality impacts user retention, brand equity, and revenue
  • An in-depth look at how to drive significant improvements in product quality in a cost-effective manner
  • How to select and implement the right automated quality analysis platform


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Before unitQ, our product improvement prioritization started with a long meeting and many opinions. Now, we look at unitQ Monitor and immediately start doing what we’re good at: Building a great product”"
- VP Engineering, StyleSeat