The State of Mobile Application Product Quality 2021-2022


Harnessing unitQ proprietary algorithms and artificial intelligence, unitQ analyzed the reviews for more than a year’s worth of data on roughly 4,400 of the world’s top mobile applications listed on the Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store.

Just like we do for our unitQ customers, we parsed this data to generate actionable insights into what users of those applications were saying about their applications. unitQ customers like Spotify, HelloFresh and Klarna harness this real-time feedback to take a measured, data-driven approach to their product quality — and we’ve packaged it up in a digestible report for you. 

In this industry report, you will learn not only what the current landscape of mobile application product quality is, but you will take a closer look at: 

  • What the unitQ score is and how to leverage it.

  • Top mobile apps and their corresponding product quality scores.

  • The most commonly reported quality issues from leading apps.

  • Android vs iOS - the product quality breakdown between each

  • Top quality issues broken down by industry 

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"With the real-time product quality data streaming in from unitQ, it’s like our customers are now on our support team. unitQ has enabled us to mine user feedback, the best resource for identifying quality issues, bugs, and errors.”

Alejandra Santana, Head of Product Inbound for Cornershop by Uber



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