Turning User Feedback Data into Product Success

Product Ops is a unique and wide-ranging role that interfaces with Product, Engineering, Sales, Marketing, Product Management, Customer Success, and Quality, while also impacting budgets, resource utilization, organizational alignment, and much more.

To be effective, Product Ops teams need comprehensive, unbiased, and indisputable data to guide actions and quantify decisions. The key is user feedback.

In this guide, you’ll learn how to harness user feedback data to deliver product excellence by:

  • Finding the Signals in the User Feedback Noise
  • Combining Internal and External User Feedback Data
  • Driving Product Ops with User Feedback Data

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"We spent maybe a year fixing bugs, but we had a papercut syndrome. At the moment where we started delighting our users, we were very quickly able to double our retention and halve our churn, and those are the hardest metrics to move."
- VP of Engineering, StyleSeat



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