Pandora Improves Product Experience by Streamlining User Feedback Data with unitQ


Your users are saying a lot about your product, but are you listening? Identifying and quantifying user experience gaps can be difficult, especially due to process inefficiencies in monitoring of user feedback and product bugs.

In this recording, learn how Pandora, a leading music streaming service, uses VoC tools to provide a holistic view across all feedback sources and languages, while identifying actionable data insights for product improvements.

  • Removing manual overload and reducing errors
  • Streamlining user feedback in a centralized location
  • Identifying real time feedback of product quality issues
  • Prioritizing high impact, high value quality issues
  • Improving customer experience, retention and brand loyalty

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"Since working with unitQ, it has caused our team to stop and rethink how to prioritize user feedback data and how they can shine a light on poor quality experience."

-Jordan Golinkoff, SiriusXM & Pandora